Monday Morning Pep Talk

Avoid the victim mentality by truly understanding that your life is not defined by your circumstances but instead by the choices you make. Think back to every hardship you’ve been through, think of the strength you’ve had to amass to get out of bed some mornings, think of all of the times you’ve been validated by someone’s sympathy for the struggles in your life or your bad luck. Now imagine if you could commit to battling your weaknesses the way you’ve battled your circumstances. Validate yourself with compassion and commit to confronting your weaknesses, the same way you confront hardships in life.  By looking inwards & leaving behind that “Why Me?” victim mentality and replacing it with – Romans 5:3-5 We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, & endurance produces character, & character produces hope, & hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit…”  or try replacing it with, “Fuck yeah its’ me, your worst nightmare, come at me LIFE, I Dare you”, you’ll learn to be proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to life’… ya bitches. :*

To read the article: The Moral Bucket List – David Brooks

To read the bible: Romans 5:3-5 


Body Acceptance

Someone at work asked me today, “So, how much weight have you lost?”

My response: PFFTTTTTTT NONE. Shitttt.

“What do you mean none?! You’re always eating healthy food.”

“Yeah well, I’m not worried about losing weight. I’m just trying to eat healthy.” I said so fucking casually that you might have thought I was telling the truth.

But you know, I think I was telling the truth. Sure, I’d like to lose weight and obviously I didn’t start eating vegetables for my own pleasure. Although now, I actually like eating them. For example, Brussels sprouts are my shit. I ate them with my dinner two days in a row this week. If I had another Steam-able, I’d eat them right meow. Anyway, the point is, yes there are plenty of moments in my life where I feel inadequate, unattractive, invisible and unhappy about my body. I fantasize about coming home and everyone asking if I have a terminal illness because I’ve lost so much weight. I’m pretty sure the best compliment I’ve ever received was when my cousin asked if I was anorexic after I lost 30lbs back in 2009. And yeah, a lot of the time, I think being skinny will make me happy.

Albeit the norm for most women, I know it’s not right. So, instead of worrying about weight, feeling guilty every time I have #pizzatime … Arby’s motzarella sticks or Cheesy Gordita crunches, think I’ll just focus on putting as much healthy food in my body as I do junk food. And not be apologetic about my body.

Want to see a little bit of my inspiration for these feelings?
Check out Kelley Coffey’s article, “5 Things I Miss About Weight More than 300 Pounds” & then check out Huffington Post to see discussion between her & a few other expert Fatactivist, including one of my personal faves: Virgie Tovar.

Kelley Coffey

Huffington Post

XOX Peace & love from a Chub 🙂