๐Ÿš€ Headed Home for the Weekend


On on my way back to Indiana this morning! It’s 3:50 am, the plane boards in 40 minutes. I was so nervous, well I still am, this is my first time flying but the security check was a breeze. It took like 3 seconds because it was 3 in the morning. Now I am literally hoping I have to poop before I get on the plane, not during & that I have a normal reaction to take off & landing. I also hope the person next to me has a normal reaction bc if there’s panic in the air idk how I’m going to feel. I’m so tired!

I was driving yesterday & remembered this one time I was taking the Amtrak to Michigan with my grandma . She had to tap me on the shoulder & tell me I was singing out loud to everyone on the train. Haha! I can almost Remember perfectly the tape player & those old janky headphones like they have at school & I was for sure singing Spice Girls- I had forgotten about that for a minute even tho I was telling someone the other day how on that same trip to Michigan I almost drown because I wanted to be cool & go off the water slide like everyone else but ย I couldn’t swim. So when I flew off the slide & into the water, my grandma had to grab me bc I was going down. Haha I also have a picture somewhere that shows me sitting on the water slide with my cousins & grandma. โ˜บ๏ธ

^ That was a nervous ramble, wish me luck!


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