Season of Bliss

I had a great weekend. Ended up at the Tacoma Freedom Fair with a co-worker. We caught the air show & basically just hung out on Ruston Way, along the waterfront from 2-10:30pm. It was gorgeous, of course. I was lathered in sun block but it got a little cloudy after about an hour out there. We walked from one the beginning to the end of the booths. It had to have been 3 miles. Once we sat down, we ended up seeing another co-worker of ours who was down there with his dog.

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The fireworks were really good, they set them off of a huge barge out on the water. It was nice to be at a safe & enjoyable distance from them. Although, I think I like being closer, so you can really feel the boom. Then we had to walk through this huge sea of people to get back to our bus. The great thing is, they offered parking elsewhere in the city & bus transportation down to Ruston Way for like $4. So, we didn’t have to sit in traffic & it didn’t take us very long to get back to the car or home. Much better than the parking & walking arrangement at Silver Beach in Michigan.

So for all of you asking if I’ve made friends yet, the answer is yes. No words can explain the amount of happiness I felt last Monday when I went to the monthly Creative Colloquy & saw a girl I had met the previous month. Being able to recognize someone & interact with them as if you’ve know them forever. Is nice. I even got to sit meet & sit with a few of her friends that were there supporting her reading for the first time in front of an audience. That’s history in the making & I was there.

And then the 4th, with my co-workers. That was great too, although both co-workers are originally from Texas and were in the Air Force & I am from Indiana & could never survive any kind of military. It was still nice to spend that night with people. Although, I was prepared to do it alone.

Prepared to do it alone, that’s what my motto is going to be.

Prepared to do life alone.

I’m OK with that, I went to church last week & the service talked about living a Season of Solitude. I think that’s where I’m at in life. The Pastor was preaching from Acts, referencing to Saul. A persecutor of Christians who had his experience with God & then went into a Season of Solitude before he came back to preach God’s word until he died.

I think that I’ve lived in a Season of Bliss, I lived in a Season of Tragedy & in most tragedies, you become vulnerable and open to God. When he comes to you, he puts you in to a Season of Solitude where you can reflect & plant seeds to sow in the next Season of Bliss.

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Today, I planted some blissful seeds under the sun at the beach. And I was loving the cliche buff Lifeguards on duty and the beautiful views… of the earth, not
the lifeguards… Well, not JUST The lifeguards, we’ll say that.



1 Mnth Anniversary in Tacoma, Wa

Well, it’s officially been a month in Washington! (So, I started this post when it was officially a month… my procrastination game is on fire!) And currently, I’m sitting on my balcony drinking Michigan Cherry Wine and listening to everyone of my neighbors, not cook me dinner. I’m wearing 1 of the 2 articles of clothing that rep Indiana. The first one is an IU shirt that doesn’t fit me anymore and then there’s my CAUTION ORANGE crew neck sweater. How obnoxiously perfect. (This was true when I started watching this, now my hair is much shorter & I’m wearing a tank top, listening to The Spice Girls on Spotify)



These are my only friends 🙂

Anywho, I’ve been doing some pretty rad stuff; exploring, excelling at my job, even went on a few dates.


I went to the Air Force Base, got some roses, killed two Tomagatchi’s, saw Tacoma from the top of a hill at the end of the night by accident.

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I went to the Nisqually Wild Life Refuge & saw a caterpillar…


A beach with weird sand & everyone parks their cars on the shoreline.Also, a hardcore, leather clad Harley biker almost stepped on me while he was flying a kite.


 I visited the state’s Capital- Olympia, Wa & walked from the Capital building all the way down to the end of the pier.


I went to a poetry/ short story reading thing at the B Sharp coffee shop in the Theatre District Downtown.

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Took these pictures of my Honeys.

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My work view for lunch & some local Honey & Bee pollen from the Thursday Farmer’s Market.

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I went to the controversial Mars Hill Church & actually loved the message.

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Participate in our work’s health fair & got to hear & see my heart beat. Went to the chiropractor & found out my back is fucked up. And then I spent $26 on a liter of cheap rum to celebrate… On the end there, that’s my deep friend PB&J from Taste of Tacoma. 😉 Worth the $7


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I went to the Tacoma Art Museum when it was free.

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And the Tacoma History Museum when it was free.

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And then I walked to Dorky’s arcade.

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And I even made it up to the Space Needle & watched the sun set over Seattle thanks to a new friend.

I don’t know what you think but I think that’s a ton of shit that I’ve been doing since I got here! Not to mention, I’ve also finished OITNB, Friday Night Lights, Freakshow & a few movies on Netflix.