I’m here!

So, I’m here! I’ve been here since Friday but I’ve been holding off on a post until I got situated. And after spending my entire day on the couch all day watching One Tree Hill while it rained, constitutes as situated.




My apt is pretty nice, full size washer and dryer in its own laundry room, breakfast bar, dishwasher, private balcony, walk in closet and a nice bathroom. The neighborhood is pretty nice too, very residential.


Everyone’s flowers are in bloom. It’s gorgeous, you’d never see yards like this in Indiana. Friday when I moved in it was the perfect weather, 70 degrees, sunny and a cool breeze. It only took me an hour to unpack my car and then I left. I was not going to waste this perfect day unpacking.

First I went to downtown Tacoma and found where I worked. It’s like a little Chicago, but cleaner and not as big. I think proceeded to walk about 3 miles, at least around the city taking pictures.
Tacoma is known for their glass museum, I didn’t go to the museum hit they do have a bridge that displays something’s.



After walking downtown I drive up to Point Defiance Park which is surrounded by the Salish Sea. I think I read somewhere it is one of the best parks in the country. I didn’t walk through the park bc I wasn’t dressed for hiking but I did go straight to Owens beach.


It was gorgeous, you could see the city up on the hill and Mt. Ranier in the distance. Of course the water was chilly but there were a lot of ppl there. Then I went to the zoo.


That is a porcupine 🙂

I got a couch too, not from the zoo but on Facebook. I joined the local garage sale site and got a brown microfiber reclining couch for $250. It’s about a year old and the lady’s husband even delivered it and helped bring it upstairs. And funny enough they both were from North Dakota.

Mostly everything is unpacked and I am extremely excited to start work tomorrow. Especially because there will be a Cinco de Mayo potluck!


Butte, Montana


Holy moly, I’ve never seen such a beautiful place.

After getting to the hotel last night I walked over to the gas station for a 40 (of blue moon, come on now, I’m still classy) and as I was walking back a group of homeless people were walking to the casino (there are like 5 within walking distance). The lady said hello and then asked why I was walking by myself… Then I started run by myself. Haha

I also saw a real life cowboy, like crocodile Dundee shit in the gas station.

And I pulled over to take pictures and some guy stopped to see if I was ok. At least I think he did, I drove off before he got to me. I haven’t figured out whether people are being nice or going to kill me. Including the old guy from the small town, old school gas station who came out and scoped out my car and patting my back as I walked out.

Oh well, I’m off to Washington! Hopefully I have service somewhere along the way!