I’m alive!

In Billings, Montana. It’s beautiful.




I haven’t had service since I left Fargo. I’m using McDonalds wifi right now. It’s only 4pm, 6 in Indiana. I’ve been driving since 9am Indiana time. I’m going to try and make it to
Idaho before I get a hotel. Also, just saw my first mountain. Freaking majestic.




I don’t think my brain fully realized that I’m not just in Fargo visiting.

First and foremost let me just say, I’ve been waiting two years for a meal from TJ’s.


Because if you think a Doritos taco is the bomb, try a burrito with fire Cheetos on it… No seriously, try it bc I didn’t. I didn’t want to have to stop at every gas station in Minnesota to poop so I just got a normal burrito.

The drive for South Bend to Fargo is thee most boring drive ever. There is literally nothing to see. There are a few bluffs in Wisconsin but besides that, it’s farms. It rained the entire time as well. At some points it was scary as hell and at others it was just dreary. I’m assuming this is God’s way of warming me up to the rainy weather in Washington.


Everything looks exactly the same here in Fargo. Shrylle and I got our hair shampooed, cut and styled yesterday at the hair school. The girl burned my ear with the curling iron. But it was only $5 and nothing is more entertaining than sitting in front of a mirror with Shrylle. You know when you just click with someone and every time you hang out or talk to that someone you feel a huge relief. Like finally I’m with someone who completely understands me and I understand them and they get my jokes and know exactly what I’m thinking when someone burns my ear with a curling iron. That’s me and Shrylle. And I think this is true with a lot of my friends, but especially her, we can go 2 years without seeing each other and the minute we are together it’s like we were never separated. You know when sometimes it just feels like in a friendship that you’re putting in more effort than the other person, I’ve never felt that way with her. We are equals. Equally funny, equally adorable and equally overly confident in our amazing personalities which leads us to believe we can get any guy we want. We don’t go a day without talking and we don’t go a day without loving and supporting each other.


It rained on my hair, but I think it looks pretty normal and professional for my career. Actually it just looks like my normal haircut just shorter. And I was two margaritas deep at that point.


This is Little Boy’s new friend, Sunny. She’s fucking tiny and cute. Her and the Boy bully each other and chase each other around. It’s pretty cute.

Today, we are getting massages. Holla!
And tomorrow I’m off to hopefully somewhere in Montana. I hope it doesn’t rain. I think I’ll cry the first time I see mountains. Talk about Midwest Problems.

1/3rd of the way to Fargo!


Well I am 1/3rd of the way through my trip! I made it to Madison, Wi in 4 hours, that must be a record. Chicago was a piece of cake at 5 in the am.


Pretty sure my mom and I stopped at this place or at least the gas station on my way to Fargo, circa 2007.

Little boy is good, sleeping most of the time. I’ve only gone through half a tank of gas. Holla!

To new beginnings:)

I’ve been encouraged and have contemplated starting a blog for a long time. And it wasn’t until today, when A lady named Dollie from the prayer team at GCC told me to journal my experiences that I realized I need to do this.

I have been 25 years old for a few months now and my life has been on overdrive. There have been so many changes and huge accomplishments. From breaking off an engagement to, tonight, drinking sleepy time tea and saying my final goodbyes to my home in Indiana.


I’ve been so lucky in the past few months to spend time with my entire family and friends. From a bridal party made up of girls who’ve known each other since the 6th grade. An occasion that also brought my parents in to the same room civilly for the first time in 12 years. My main squeeze Kristin moving back from Texas. To packing up my best friend and her husband for a move to Ohio. Even Erika coming home last weekend to surprise everyone and getting to bar hop with her was divine intervention. And don’t even get me started on Christie being in town before I left and Rosa surprising me this weekend even with finals!

Last night was my going away party and I couldn’t believe how blessed I am to have the majority of my friends, the ‘exclusive best friend club’ in the same room telling funny stories about me and how I have impacted their lives. Little do they know, I couldn’t have done it without them. Whether we are close to each other or far, the same loyalty they have from me, I know I have from them.

In a few hours I will start my journey to Tacoma, Washington! I’m so nervous and excited. I can’t wait to see how amazing this is going to be… And for everyone who is going to miss me, just know, I have the nervous poops right now!

Like Dollie from the prayer team said, I’ll be traveling with all of my loved ones wings underneath me. And that’s a lot of wings! I feel no need to worry. And luckily my first stop will be Fargo, ND to see my soul sistah Shy!!